Understanding the Wound Healing Process

The wound healing process is a natural recovery response to damaged body tissue. Minor injuries can heal with self-care at home, but there are a number of medical conditions that make it difficult to heal. Wounds are injuries that involve damage to body tissue and commonly occur in the skin. The skin is the largest organ in humans and plays a role in protecting the body from microbes (viruses, fungi, bacteria). If the skin is injured, germs can easily enter the skin and cause infection. Scars, punctures, cuts and burns are all forms of injury. In addition, the former surgical suture is also classified into the wound. The most common causes of injury are sharp objects, falls, scalded, and accidents. What is the wound healing process? The wound can heal on its own through self-care at home. Independent wound care can be done if the wound is not too deep, not in a dangerous part of the body, for example on the face, and the bleeding stops in a short time or about 10 minutes. The w
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